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Flow 360

Simulate a 737 in Minutes

Flow360 is a high-throughput, cloud-based simulator for high-Reynolds number aerodynamics. It solves the compressible Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured meshes faster than any other alternative.

Credit: Pointwise Inc

50 Million grid points in minutes

Solve a high-Reynolds number flow on a mesh with 50 million grid points in only 3 minutes. Our proprietary software and hardware allow us to converge large-scale problems in a tiny fraction of the time compared to all other leading CFD solvers. The unprecedented speed of our solver will allow you to greatly boost productivity by reducing turn-around time

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Run hundreds of cases simultaneously

Leveraging the vast computing capacity of the cloud, our users can run hundreds of cases simultaneously. There is no queue, and cases start instantly. All of your solutions are delivered in minutes whether you are running one job or hundreds. This on-demand parallelism will allow your team to run far more simulations, each of higher fidelity

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Predictably cost effective

You pay not for how long your computation runs, but for how much work is done. The cost of each simulation is calculated by a simple formula, based on the mesh size, the number of time steps, and linear iterations. There is no need to choose the core count, processor type, or memory size. Our algorithm analyzes your mesh and input and takes care of optimizing the hardware. You will spend minimal time setting up your simulations

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Easy to get started

Start running hundreds of simulations with our simple and flexible Python API in minutes. Forget about upfront hardware investment, rack space, hardware maintenance and upgrade cost. Forget about software licensing cost. Forget about cluster capacity and job queues. Start

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